About us

We are a group of voluntary citizens who are committed to reducing our consumption of fossil fuels and to use the resulting savings to help people who suffer from hunger and malnutrition in the South. We suggest some tools for reducing one’s Carbon Footprint and compensating emissions to all those who wish to get personally involved and to try, alongside us, to find a new balance in our lives. Achieving that will depend, for most of us, on our capacity to think and act in new ways, in digging deep into ourselves and in getting away from mere talk so that we can grow and love in a new way in our daily gestures.

We propose to all people who have an income of more than 20 dollars a day (above the poverty line) to take responsibility for the right to food of all those who have an income of less than 20$ a day.

We look for micro-projects which fight malnutrition and deal with its local causes, and publish them on our website if we consider them suitable, according to our best judgement.

Whoever decides to make a donation based on the information found on this website, in the blog or in webpages to which we provide links, does so only on his or her own responsibility.