One Euro a Day

As we stated in the introduction, we can either calculate our reductions in Co² emissions in detail or simply decide to set a fixed reduction of 1 euro a day.

A fixed amount of 365 euro a year (donated by automatic transfer) is too low for our planet’s richest people. Peter Singer created a scale of increasing donations starting out at 5%, depending on revenue, for the richest 10% of Americans. If all of us applied these rules voluntarily, it would provide about 470 billion dollars for the billion poorest people on the planet, more than double the annual amount necessary for the United Nations to achieve its Millennium Development Goals. (Peter Singer, Sauver une vie, Michel Lafon, 2009, p. 203)

The essential thing is that we overcome the old model and create a new one, based on a vision which respects the Earth’s physical limits and encourages food equality for all.

Giving away the money we save by reducing our emissions allows us to discover our moral dimension and altruism and also to find out that we can create a real hope in people whom we haven’t tried to help before.

Through change in the North and change in the South, occurring at the same time, we can shift the balance, through our efforts. Circumstances call on us to take action.