« Terre à vivre » is a scheme which links our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint to also, at the same time, helping the world’s poorest people, notably those that are victims of Climate Change.
Instead of ‘going with the flow’ we should try to open our eyes to the fact that we have become used to seeing things that are unacceptable - without however reacting.
As the UN Secretary-General recently put it : «
Our foot is stuck on the accelerator and we are heading towards an abyss ».
We must rediscover our own internal coherence and find harmony with our environment.
As French thinker Michel Serres puts it, we are living, for the first time in history, at a time when human history and the world’s history, which is so much older, depend on each other (see p.197 of his book “
La Guerre mondiale”).

Each one of us can contribute to the world’s wellbeing, by no longer accepting all the advantages generated by a civilization that has shamelessly exploited the rest of the world. Each one of us is able to reduce his or her Co² emissions and to compensate others that are difficult to reduce. We can all shrink our carbon footprint. That means we have to ask ourselves, in our daily life, how we can reduce our individual Co² emissions, so that we can help those that suffer from malnutrition.

In so doing one freely chooses, through a real spiritual and ecological evolution in one’s life, to give the savings from reduced energy consumption to a micro-project aimed at fighting hunger by helping small-scale family agriculture or other similar projects.

The idea is to embark on a personal and global transformation, which re-establishes a relationship with the world that has been taken away from us.
At a time when we are confronted by the incredible dangers created by the intensification of Global Warming and the reaching of the limits of our bio capacity, we propose a broad path where every person can, at their level, reduce their Co² emissions and help other human beings whose lives are in danger. In this way we can re-establish a shared vision and to put an end to the scandal of hunger that continues to ravage the world. What is even more unacceptable is that Climate Change is increasing hunger among those that are already poor. “Terre à vivre” commits each one of us to renounce their powerlessness to change the course of events.
What is a donation of 1 euro a day, if one has the money, as a way of showing one’s commitment to moving towards a new civilization that is more respectful of nature and of human beings ?
We have no doubt that these kinds of donations, which can turn into a flood, and emerge from our repeated efforts to deal with serious problems and our refusal to abandon those who only have us to help them, will become a normal fact of life in a few years time !