The effects of Global Warming

The reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC) contain a mine of information on the effects of Global Warming which should spur us into action.

Every year, billions of tonnes of CO² are emitted due to the burning of coal, petrol and gas.
Climate Change is already having severe effects on ecosystems, on the food chain, on water, on the oceans and on glaciers. It is also affecting extreme weather events, harvests, human health and vulnerable groups.

We are by now well aware that without a huge reduction in the use of fossil fuels, we will have a climate that is hotter than any other that humanity has ever experienced and that tens of millions of people will suffer a terrible impact from these changes.

Agriculture will be severely affected by descreased rainfall. Famine and poverty will increase.

The IPCC, which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007, has made it clear that the world’s rich countries should quickly reduce their emissions and promote world development that is clean and durable. They should also help the South adapt to the degree of Global Warming that is already inevitable at present.