The Causes of Global Warming
The intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPPC) provide a lot of information on the causes of Global Warming. These are too long to be summarised here. So we will only discuss oil use. We know that :
In 2010, oil production amounted to about 87 million barrels a day, of which around 35% went to the transport sector, about 31 million barrels/day, about 4 million tonnes/day or 1.7 billion/year of oil in weight which in turn release about 5.5 million tonnes of carbon a year into the atmosphere.
These emissions contribute to the acidification of the oceans, disrupting the flora, and reinforcing the greenhouse effect which comes back to us indirectly through extreme weather events such as flooding, hurricanes, droughts, which all contribute to creating climate refugees and famines.

These 1.7 billion tons fuel around 800 million cars, 80% of which are found in developed countries. To take an example, the United States has about 250 million cars for 300 million inhabitants (so 4 cars for every 5 inhabitants). »

Source : Chem Eddine Chittour, Professor at the École Polytechnique of Algiers.

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